Get your kids involved in chores

Juggling, parenting, household work, office work, socializing and multi-tasking can drain you energy. Getting kids involved in household chores is beneficial in several ways –
1. Helps children learn skills and responsibility

2. Builds their self-esteem, knowing they are making a meaningful contribution to family unit

3. Enables quality family time together

4. Makes work easier for all family members

Its never too early to get children involved in helping out. Even 18 months-olds can learn to put away their toys in their respective boxes.
Make it routine

Children like knowing what to expect and what to do next. Linking chores to relevant activity can turn chores into habit. For example, get your child to clear up the study table and put her stationery in place right after ‘Home work Time.

Children can straighten their pillows and keep bed sheets in a corner if they are not old enough to fold them.

Work together

First, sit and plan with all the family members. Theres no need to divide chores ‘equally. Let the child/children help to choose their own chores. Each one can do some work well than others. If there are chores no one wants, add some fun to it: the person who clears the table gets an extra serving of desserts

Finding chores to fit age

As long as a child can handle a task alone safely without supervision, it can be allotted. But its safer not to ask them to use appliances, unless its done with an adult.

If young children need to be reminded of their chores, they can have an illustrated reminder chart stuck on the door at their height. For example, if a three year old needs to put his dirty clothes into laundry basket, simply draw a laundry basket. At the appropriate time, remind him to check his list to see if everything has been done.

Weekly tasks

If there are weekly tasks that need to be done such as dusting or cleaning cupboards and desks, plan a weekly ‘Family Chore Time on Saturday evenings or whenever suitable. For those 15-30 minutes, all members of the family do their respective chores. You can play music and crack jokes while you are at it. Making it a fun time for the family will make it special.

Chore-sharing can reduce stress and fatigue for every family member, and is ideal for family bonding.

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