Great Learning launches its new PG Program in Cloud Computing with the University of Texas

Great Learning launches Olympus Digital Campus to help universities go online

June 29, 2020

Great Learning, India’s leading edtech company for professional education, today announced its new offering ‘Olympus Digital Campus’, an end-to-end cloud-based technology solution for online learning delivery and program management, on a subscription basis to colleges and universities across the country in a bid to help them deliver online and blended learning programs. It is a seamless solution that supports all aspects of learning including live learning, time-tabling, proctored exams, assessments, grading, student collaboration, attendance, content development, progress/engagement tracking, and faculty feedback.

Digital Campus is a proprietary state of the art technology system that enables all aspects of delivery and management of college / university programs for students, faculty, and administrators. Built and perfected in India over the last 7 years, the Great Learning Olympus Digital Campus has been designed using highly scalable, secure, and world-class cloud technologies. It has enabled Great Learning to support over 25 million hours of learning to 100,000 students and deliver high impact programs offered in partnership with prestigious universities like Stanford University, UT Austin, and Great Lakes Institute of Management among others.

With Olympus, universities can deliver a world class, high-quality and engaging online learning experience to learners on both desktops and mobile in both synchronous (live) and asynchronous (recorded) modes. Students can use Olympus for attending lectures, accessing learning material, working on group projects, and clearing their doubts. Colleges and universities can schedule and plan proctored examinations, track learners’ engagement and design appropriate interventions to help those who are falling behind. Olympus can also help an institution schedule online and classroom sessions for the entire academic year calendar in advance. It also offers complete administration management from course and batch planning to preparing marks sheets and certificates, tracking attendance, and recording student feedback.

Arjun Nair, Co- Founder, Great Learning said, “Given the current pandemic, in order for universities to impart online education effectively, they quire a robust system to ensure all aspects of learning effectiveness. We at Great Learning have built our Olympus Digital Campus over the last 7 years to make it one of the most capable learning delivery and program management systems in the industry. Having gone through numerous iterations to ensure the best learning outcomes happen and having now delivered over 25 million learning hours, we are ready to introduce the Olympus Digital Campus to help Universities as a one stop platform of integrated services for their learners. As Indian institutions start their journey towards enabling high-quality education through digital platforms, Olympus will be the most reliable technology solution available to them to conduct classes and assessments, automate their processes and ensure delivery excellence.”

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