Green Weaves recycled paper bags

Teach your children to break away from the use-and-throw culture by recycling used materials/waste generated at home. Educate them about the three R’s of waste management practice: reduce, reuse and recycle. 

Here’s a simple and creative way to start creating useful paper bags from old newspapers. Though made of paper, the bags are sturdy. It will also discourage your children from using plastic bags which despoil the environment. Encourage them to let their imagination take wing, and advise them to pack their birthday and other gifts for friends in them.



 Craft glue



 Jute rope

 Flat paintbrush




Making strips

Take one sheet of newspaper.

 Fold in half. 

 Apply craft glue and stick the edges with Fevicol.

Fold again and apply craft glue and fold, once again.

Cut 15 newspaper strips.

Weaving the bag

Place eight of the newspaper strips on a table longitudinally.

Take one more and place it horizontally, weaving it in and out of the other pieces as shown in picture (2). Place a weight at the top. Move the horizontal strip upwards.

 Weave six more in an alternating fashion. Keep moving them upwards, close to each other. 

 Adjust all the strips so that they are in a perfect line.

 Fold the protruding end of the first horizontal strip (on your right) inwards and paste it, leaving the end open. 

 Continue doing this for alternate strips.

 Now fold the protruding ends of the alternate strips (on your left) inwards and paste them as shown.

 Flip the whole thing over carefully.

 Now fold all the protruding ends inwards and paste.

 The ends now can be cut off in line with the first strip and pasted firmly. 

 Turn the woven mat so that the open edges are to your right and left.

 Fold it upwards in half.

 Now fold the strips sticking out alternately.

 Tuck the edges into the next strip and stick (8).

 When all are done, cut a piece of cardboard three inches wide to fit the bag, and push it in, to create a base.

Fixing the handle

 Push a thick length of jute rope into the gap and knot it inside the bag several times.

 Cut it to the right length and do the same on the other side.

 Make a handle for the next side as well.

Final touches

 Mix craft glue and water to get a paint consistency.

 Use a brush to paint the inside and outside. This will protect the bag from yellowing, and wear and tear.

 The bag can hold objects such as books and fruits.

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