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Delhi HC stays DCW order summoning MCD commissioner over safety of girls in primary schools

HC ok’s FIR annulment in molestation case, orders man’s father to arrange checkup for 10 government school teachers

September 26, 2023

The Delhi High Court has decided to dismiss an FIR in a case involving molestation and stalking against a man. Simultaneously, the court has requested the man’s father to arrange cost-free orthopedic medical checkups for teachers in ten government schools.

The court’s decision to quash the FIR was made in light of the voluntary settlement between the woman involved and the accused man. The woman expressed her desire not to pursue criminal proceedings for the alleged offenses of outraging modesty, stalking, and criminal intimidation, as outlined in the Indian Penal Code and the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act.

Justice Saurabh Banerjee acknowledged the gravity of the allegations against the man, which carry severe penalties if he were to be convicted. Nevertheless, considering the overall context of the events and recognizing that the FIR had arisen from misunderstandings and personal disputes among the parties and their families, the court deemed it futile to continue with the FIR, as the likelihood of the petitioner being found guilty appeared very slim.

The high court, therefore, granted the plea to quash the FIR, on the condition that the man’s father arranges for orthopedic surgeons or doctors to conduct free medical checkups for teachers in the ten government schools.

These schools are located in Bindapur, Dwarka, Palam, and Sagarpur, and the medical examinations are to be scheduled on at least two working days during the month of October. The man’s father, who is associated with the Indian Orthopaedic Association, assured the court that he would coordinate with the respective school principals to determine a suitable date and time for the medical services, reaching the maximum number of teachers at their convenience.

The court directed the distribution of a copy of this order to the principals of all ten schools, ensuring their awareness of the services to be provided. The court also commended the “commendable” efforts of the man’s father in offering free checkups by orthopedic doctors.

In conclusion, the high court decided to quash the FIR, as it was deemed in the best interest of justice, the parties involved, and their future. This decision is particularly beneficial for the young individuals, still pursuing their studies and striving to establish their respective careers.

Source: PTI

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