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Helping children cope with exam stress

EducationWorld February 2023 | Spotlight Feature

Exams can be challenging in a student’s life. A little stress is good as it can serve as a motivational push to work harder towards achieving our goals. However, exam stress can give rise to anxiety, and hamper students’ social, emotional, and behavioural development. The consequences of exam stress are manifold. Not only students but parents also fell prey to this. Therefore, it becomes important for the school to take care of students at such a crucial time.

ATS Valley School has always focused on making learning holistic and from time to time, helping students cope with examination stress. Here are some of the programs listed below: 1. True North Program — Under this program, students learn about various character strengths and the right values in a fun way. 2. Kalpana — Every year, a science exhibition is organised for classes VI-X students where they demonstrate live experiments and working models in front of their parents. The idea is for students to learn science by doing. 3. Inter-house events and celebrations — inter-house competitions are as important as academic activities. They help to develop the mental, physical and creative abilities of children so they can face life’s challenges positively. English speech, board decoration, rangoli, folk dance, patriotic singing, cricket, dodge ball and kho kho tournaments are among some routine inter-house activities. 4. Masti ki Paathshala –After the stressful environment of exams, students need to refresh themselves to welcome the new term with enthusiasm and energy. And when there’s a challenge, Team ATS Valley steps up to the task! We want our students to conquer their fears and explore their abilities and potential. Masti ki Paathshala is a fun-filled interactive session where parents are invited to school to act as students while students take on the role of teachers. 

Stressed Students

This way they not only conquer their fears but learn collaborative teamwork and ultimately stress management. 5. Group A and Group B students benefit greatly from sports and the performing arts. a) Benefits from Sports — Regular exercise or playing a sport increases blood flow to the brain and activates endorphins, which positively impact mood and work performance. b) Benefit from Performing Arts (Music, Dance, Art) – Children can freely express themselves, which not only releases emotions but relieves tension. Art is a form of meditation which one can counter mental stress caused by academic pressure. 6. Evening academy — Students who know time management techniques feel less anxious. The evening academy not only offers sports facilities to students but also teaches time management skills. Stress hijacks the brain when it comes to learning. Therefore, we need to be aware of the stress our students are experiencing in the classroom as well as in their personal lives. Through its ongoing programs, ATS Valley School provides the best support to students to handle stress.

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