Helping children feel emotionally safe

PW invited parents of ODM Public School, Bhubaneswar to share insights on how they help their children feel emotionally secure

“Unlike parents in olden times confined to their agricultural duties, leaving their children to be raised in the lap of nature, modern parents like us invest time, money and energy to help our children develop academically and achieve their dreams. We are far more conscious about the development of social, spiritual and emotional skills of our son Spandan (class V) and spend hours together engaging in open conversations, playing outdoor/indoor games and evaluating school study material. I must also thank his school for providing a safe and secure learning environment to enable his all-round development” — Subhalaxmi Sahoo, homemaker

“The most important aspect of raising emotionally stable children is spending substantial time listening to them, talking with them, sharing jokes, laughing, and learning. Mindfully listening to our children strengthens their trust towards us. Providing them with a happy and loving home environment, filled with laughter and joy also helps. When it’s warranted, I proudly praise my son Hridum (class II) and when he fails to achieve something, we stand by him with encouraging words to help him start again” — Rojalin Mishra, journalist, Odia Television Network

“As responsible parents, it is our duty to make our son Aayushraj (class IV) feel safe and secure. Despite the challenges of a mad rush world, we make efforts to spend quality family and play time together. During this time, we openly discuss our work and major activities of the day while respecting his thoughts and opinions. Moreover, we recognise his scholastic and non-scholastic achievements by praising him and correct him when he takes a wrong step. Family is a great emotional support system in our lives and he knows that” — Usha Kumari Sahu, homemaker

“Our focus is on providing a safe and nurturing environment to our son Adrik (class III) where he feels loved and valued. To achieve this end, we have established consistent routines and boundaries to give him a sense of predictability and stability. Almost every day, we encourage open communication, and listen to him showing empathy and understanding when he expresses his feelings. We also help him develop a positive self-image by focusing on his strengths and abilities. We avoid being overly critical of him by offering him constructive feedback and encouragement. Hugs and cuddles are routine in the Panja household” — Moumita Panja, self-employed fashion designer

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