Helping children resist negative peer pressure

PW invited parents of Gurukul The School, Ghaziabad to share how they are helping their children cope with negative peer pressure

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“We attentively listen to the concerns of our son Avni (class IV) and nurture a strong sense of self-worth within him to support him in resisting negative peer pressure. By providing positive role models and alternative activities, we make an effort to broaden his perspective. We also teach him the importance of standing up for his beliefs and principles, even though they may be at odds with his peers. Additionally, we encourage him to associate with positive and supportive friends. It’s crucial to instill the value of being a positive influence on others and making sound decisions. Avni is open to seek our guidance and support anytime” — Anu Bala, entrepreneur

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“We believe teaching our daughter Arshya (class VIII) to be self-assured and true to her convictions is the best way to safeguard her against negative peer pressure. We have worked hard to develop her self-esteem and confidence, qualities which make children less vulnerable to peer pressure. We are now confident Arshya can speak up to defend herself in any given situation. We encourage her to participate in activities that she likes, and find friends who share similar qualities and interests” — Nilanjana Singh, business- woman

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“For teenage children like my daughter Krisha (class XI), the pressure to conform can be extremely powerful and hard to resist. My first lesson to her was to teach her to say ‘no’ and make her understand that refusal doesn’t make anyone a bad person. Instead it generates a sense of self-awareness and conveys the message clearly. I avoid being judgemental during our long conversations. Understanding things from her point of view is the key” — Purvi Khuntia, homemaker

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“Negative peer pressure can affect children’s overall growth and mental well-being. Therefore, we have begun preparing Yuvaan (class II) from an early age. First and foremost, we have helped him develop a clear understanding of right and wrong, followed by building his confidence to say No to actions and activities that fall under the wrong category. We have developed a clear and dedicated communication channel with Yuvaan who never hesitates to reach out to us in times of trouble.” — Chhavi Toshan, financial analyst, RK Associates

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