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#HindiImposition: Why twitterati think it is absurd

September 18, 2019

After the Union home minister and BJP front man Amit Shah opened a can of worms with his speech on Hindi Day/HindiDiwas asking everyone to use Hindi as their native language, twitterati left no stone unturned to protest or rather troll the situation.

“India has many languages and every language has its importance. But it is absolutely necessary that the entire country should have one language that becomes India’s identity globally,” Shah tweeted. “I want to appeal to people to promote their native languages but also use Hindi to make the dream of Bapu (Mahatma Gandhi) and Sardar (Vallabhbhai) Patel of one language come true,” he added.

Shah also added while diversity in languages is the strength of India, a national language is required so that foreign languages and cultures do not overpower the country’s own. Indians should make efforts to expand Hindi language to different parts of the country, he added.

According to the Official Languages Act, 1963, Hindi and English are the official languages for the Union government and Parliament. Shah believes that a single language will help unite the country. Well, it’s noteworthy that all his efforts didn’t go waste as the entire country did unite, not to promote Hindi, but to oppose his statement.

Hashtags such as #HindiImpostion #StopHindiImposition #LingusticEquality and #HindiImperialism has been trending since Hindi Diwas, observed on September 15. Here are a few:


Speaking about the backlash, Shah retorted saying he never asked to impose the language. He told ANI, “I never asked for imposing Hindi over other regional languages and had only requested for learning Hindi as the second language after one’s mother tongue. I myself come from a non-Hindi state of Gujarat. If some people want to do politics, its their choice.”

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