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EducationWorld May 2022 | Spotlight Feature

Founded in 2001, by Saurabh Modi, Neerja Modi School has steadily emerged as a torch-bearer for progressive education. The school’s vision is rooted in cultivating thought leadership nestled firmly in human values.

Learning here happens even outside classrooms, through meticulously designed initiatives to develop children’s critical thinking & leadership abilities. They say leaders are born, at NMS, they believe ‘Leaders are cultivated – through appropriate exposure, challenges to expand their thinking capacity and careful guidance from their coaches”.

The global school encourages its students to participate in forming various clubs; there a club for almost every topic of interest. Spanning from art, science, mathematics, culinary skills, literature, social/animal welfare to sports, there are 32 clubs to pique interest of every child studying here.

Neerja Modi School

Reports have established that, extracurricular activities through school clubs, benefit students in manifold ways. Here’s a list of few benefits:

  • Improves academic performance, since they apply cognitive learning techniques
  • Explore interests and create broader perspectives on topics of their interest
  • Develop higher self-esteem
  • Garner social opportunities
  • Improve mental health
  • Learn essential life-skills
  • Develop organization skills

More importantly the clubs at Neerja Modi School, run by its students, provide them with early exposure to team-work, social skills, creative problem-solving ability. They also absorb management skills required in future such as marketing, operations, budget management, etc.

Participation in these clubs is also recognized when they apply to universities for higher-studies and in some cases, even when they apply for jobs/internships. These are valuable skills that can only enhance the learning experience of the child, with unbridled enthusiasm. This is inline with the school’s philosophy of enabling a comprehensive development approach for its students, owning a sense of responsibility in realizing academic goals and creating responsible citizens who embrace diversity, change, and life-long learning.

Learn more about the Neerja Modi School here

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