How a BBA degree opens up avenues for managerial and entrepreneurial success  

Choosing a career after your class 12 board exams is a daunting decision. While the traditional careers like medicine and engineering are viable options for students who  pursue science at the senior secondary level, the best options for commerce students are a little different. Realistically speaking, children today have ten times more career options as compared to their parents.

One such option is Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) which has gained popularity at the undergraduate level because of the steady growth in career opportunities for management graduates. A BBA degree offers foundational education in management skills and business principles. A student can specialise in Human Resource, Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Operations, Retail marketing, amongst others.

 Why choose BBA over other courses?

As mentioned earlier, most students opt for BBA as the most logical career option before an MBA degree. Some of them opt for it in order to pursue their family business. Mentioned below are some of ways in which a BBA programme adds an edge to your resume:

  1. Early learning: The BBA programme offers management aspirants a chance to secure the key foundational skills that give them a headstart in their career. The programme offers a deep understanding and advancement of essential business skills such as critical thinking, communication, leadership and decision making skills.
  2. More time to learn management concepts: The three-year BBA programme enables a student to learn the basic concepts of management and business studies. The programme duration is sufficient for learning a wide variety of accounting concepts, business economics, financial management, marketing, computer fundamentals, human resource management, etc. This helps them build a strong foundation for an MBA degree, going forward.
  3. Prepares for managerial decision making: Students who pursue an MBA programme after their BBA more often than not have a choice of a wide variety of excellent job opportunities. Even after completing their BBA, aspirants are often welcomed in lucrative entry level jobs. Hence, BBA course is a perfect fit and matches the demand of various industrial jobs for managerial roles.
  4. Less investment, more ROI: For students who do not wish to pursue an MBA degree,  a BBA degree — with a much lesser investment than the former — opens doors to ample job opportunities. There are several well reputed colleges in the country which offer BBA at a much affordable fee and also help students with placements.  Hence in the long run, one can look forward to more return on investment through a BBA degree.

Career outlook

The career scope for a student with a BBA degree is rapidly expanding. Let us look at the most popular roles in industry that an aspirant can consider after obtaining this degree:

– Marketing organisations

– Educational institutions

– BFSI and banking sector

– Multinational companies

– HR recruitment agencies

– Financial organisations

– Export companies

Some popular job profiles are:

– Finance Executive

– Business Administration Researcher

– Human Resource Associate

– Research and Development Executive

– Business Consultant

– Information Systems Executive

– Marketing Executive

In today’s competitive world, it has become vital for everyone to be ahead in the game. And one way to be ahead of the game is to stay abreast with  the latest developments in your areas of interest and pursue the same as a career option. A BBA degree can prove to be the biggest stepping stone for aspiring managers and entrepreneurs.   

Professor (Dr.) Shrirang Altekar, director, SCMS Nagpur

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