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How an international degree can benefit students

May 25, 2022
– Ritu Rahul Rathod, Creative Writing & Communications Coach and Founder, Moonlight Musings

Studying abroad can be a life changing experience for students. From enhancing your global network to experiencing a new culture, the benefits of an international education and career are significant.

It is exciting to move to a new country, to experience and get acquainted with peers from around the world. An international degree can boost the career of students in several aspects, equipping them with several skills required for the international job market. This is one of the primary reasons students from around the world aspire to pursue an international degree.  Apart from earning an international degree, studying abroad offers students opportunities  to study a foreign language and acquaint themselves with different cultures. 

Therefore, it is no surprise that the number of students studying abroad has almost tripled in the last two decades.

The key benefits of an international degree are:

  1. An international degree improves a student’s career graph. By enrolling in a study abroad programme, a student gets to see the other side of learning. This may not be possible in the home country. 
  2. Studying in an international school or university moulds students’ personality to match the requirements of the global workplace. There is something special about being on your own in a foreign land. Studying abroad helps nurture curiosity and independence in students and enables them to become explorers.
  3. An international degree equips students with superior communication and language skills. One of the primary draws of studying abroad is the opportunity to study a foreign language. 
  4. An international degree enables the students to get better job opportunities in their home country. Returning home with a fresh perspective, better communication skills, upgraded education and an open mind can definitely open the doors to a bright future. Multinational companies are always looking for employees who not only have a great education, but also elaborate experience from around the world. 
  5. Students develop a different world-view and find newer interests. If you are still not convinced, and questioning why must one study abroad and get an international degree, here is another reason. Without a doubt, most children find new interests while getting an international degree in a foreign country. They may discover that they enjoy hiking, water sports, dancing, Broadway shows and concerts. They will come across people from all across the world with eclectic interests and might find their own in common.
  6. Studying abroad helps students to forge lasting bonds of friendship with peers in different countries. 8 out of 10 students studying abroad say that they have made lifelong friends from different backgrounds. 
  7. Better opportunities for graduate school admissions. For students aspiring to pursue a higher education degree in America, holding a graduate degree of a European university would be immensely beneficial. Of course, transfer of credits, etc. need to be looked at too. 

For those who missed an opportunity to study abroad as an undergraduate student, it is never too late. In an increasingly globalised world, studying abroad is now more imperative than ever for a lucrative job. 

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