How edtech can aid the learning process

Creativity is dying a slow death as the Indian educational system emphasises rigorously on rote learning rather than critical thinking and problem solving,” says Mitsuyo Tamai, CEO of Japan-based tuition centre Kiwami.

People must understand that good grades dont equate to proper learning,” she said, adding that the onus of education is being defeated in this competitive environment.

Headquartered in Delhi, Kiwami applies a creative method called ‘Tamai incorporating Information and Communication Technology (ICT)-based learning through videos, movies and 3D animations for teaching mathematics and science till Class VIII.

We enhance the imaginative skills of students through diverse evaluation programme such as ‘SOROBON (Abacus) which augments the calculation skill of every child by the power of imagination,” says Tamai.

Students consider ICT tools very helpful as it aids them to comprehend assignments easily, especially for those with special needs or difficulties,” she added.

Global competition system

Kiwami claims that as of 2015, nearly 30,000 students across different countries have benefited from its teaching methods and materials.

Our uniqueness is that we conduct two global standardised tests thrice a year. This way our students will know where they rank in the world and will be motivated to study more,” she said.

Future plans

We have tied up with 10 Kendriya Vidyalayas and are already providing our services at a reasonable price to leading names in the private sector, such as DPS, Ranchi,” Tamai said.

With presence in Singapore, the US, Thailand and Vietnam, Kiwami now intends to expand its learning centres pan-India within five years.

The author is Mitsuyo Tamai, CEO of Japan-based tuition centre Kiwami.

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