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How is a Global MBA different from a regular MBA?

What can one get out of a Global business programme?

Dr Arindam Banerjee– Dr Arindam Banerjee, Associate Professor & Assistant Dean – GMBA & MGB at S P Jain School of Global Management

As the name suggests, a Global MBA program allows one to broaden the span of knowledge beyond a regional focus. Its diverse curriculum facilitates in understanding how multinational firms function and grow their business. It also broadens one’s views and provides a global perspective. With its multicultural student community, most Global MBA programs allows its participants to interact with diverse range of students and business leaders in improving networking abilities. Students’ exposure to multilingual communities, cultures, and races makes them more compassionate and sensitive to the community they are part of. This cultural awareness in turn helps them in their professional life when they work with people from all over the world.

Participants in a Global MBA program acquires a wide range of managerial and business abilities applicable to a variety of worldwide sectors. As a result, the training improves career chances and provides them an opportunity to be part of the global workforce. These graduates increase their chances to earn considerably better in a variety of fields, including finance, human resources, business analytics, sales and marketing, and international business.

One of the stand of feature of global MBA program lies in their ability and emphasis on cultivating and spreading new ideas and viewpoints. This emphasis on broadening horizons assists students in developing the global perspective essential for future commercial dealings. These MBA programs focus hands-on learning and soft skills to develop executives capable of leading in a global economy. A traditional MBA focuses on routine learning and case studies, but a Global program emphasizes experience and practical learning, which turns out to be more advantageous in the long term. Mid-career workers showing symptoms of burnout and stagnation can substantially benefit from the global MBA programs. 

Most Global MBA programs are offered by reputed institutions. Recruiters too express high confidence in individuals with a worldwide MBA degree. High credibility, along with global recognition, gives participants more freedom to be one’s own boss. A degree that is offered on the foundations of academic rigour, global adaptability and practical outcomes enables students to explore a variety of job choices and earn valuable experience. This experience enables graduates to follow their own goals and desires. 

In conclusion, a global MBA program provides students with an enriching learning environment as well as the acute perspective essential for commercial transactions. Diverse student and teacher bodies can assist students in developing the critical soft skills for commercial networking. Worldwide recognition, increased credibility, and the absence of an age limit provides greater freedom to pursue one’s genuine commercial potential.

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