How Kaplan GRE Test prep materials can help you score high on GRE

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores are a requirement alongside other credentials for admission to graduate programs. Currently administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), it’s divided into three sections, which are: Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning. Your overall test score is an average of your score in each section.

For many GRE test-takers, how to prepare for the test is the most pertinent topic. Many education providers, such as Kaplan, play a role in ensuring the success of GRE test takers. Kaplan’s test prep materials are offered online and accessible for students across the globe. They also offer students some of the best materials to study with to succeed in the GRE. 

In this article, we discuss some of the ways on why using the right GRE test prep materials, such as Kaplan’s, can lead to your success in the exams.

GRE Test Prep Materials
Highly Qualified Teaching Personnel

Many test takers are finicky about their teachers and coaches when preparing for an all-important test, such as the GRE. Most education providers reassure students by providing them with the necessary information on the selection criteria and process their prospective tutors were subject to before employment. This information ensures that students don’t have to bother about being trained by underqualified teachers when they’re getting signed up for GRE test prep courses. 

As expected of any well-meaning education provider, Kaplan strives to employ the best teachers. Typically, most of their GRE test prep tutors are those who sat for and excelled in the GRE. 

Kaplan also ensures that teachers are rightly suited for their roles by providing specialized training after their selection. This effort ensures the GRE tutors are adequately trained and equipped with the necessary information on how to accurately handle their new teaching positions.

Highly Personalized Prep Plans And A Need-Driven Structure

Although the GREs are standardized, the student’s preparation process doesn’t have to be. The ETS doesn’t endorse any other GRE test prep materials except the ones produced by itself. Indeed, the ETS GRE test prep materials are well-curated, but the risk lays on the students having to go over topics with a new set of bulky materials.

GRE Test Prep MaterialsKaplan’s solution comes in handy at this point. From the get-go, students are allowed to create a personalized study plan that allows them to learn according to their identified needs. The goal here is to allow students the freedom to emphasize their identified areas of weakness when choosing courses.

Students are allowed to make their preferred learning choices by not exclusively restricting them from taking full courses. Students retain the right to take individual courses that suit their present and most essential needs. Thus, allowing students to retain the useful knowledge they have garnered on the test and learn the parts they don’t know yet in a less burdensome way.

Live Teaching Sessions With Tutors

The ability to communicate with your tutors directly when preparing for the GRE cannot be trumped. The professional guidance guaranteed from such communications is the reason some students opt for in-person test prep materials. For test prep materials offered online, like Kaplan’s, there’s a channel or medium that’s specially tailored for your GRE test to cater for this. 

In Kaplan’s example, as a student, you’ll be given live instructions five days a week in real-time. During each of the live lesson broadcasts on the channel, students get to ask questions from the instructor and engage with the other students. On the channel, students can also browse through videos by topic and difficulty level or even by their favorite instructors.

Full-Length Practice Tests

The opportunity to take full-length practice tests during the period leading up to the test date is a proven way to ascertain the effectiveness of your GRE test prep. Kaplan offers a full practice test at its official testing center with very similar conditions as the exam day.

The test helps the test taker to go through sample questions that are tailored towards the GRE, but not from the ETS. Students also get to feel all the tension and anxiety associated with writing the GRE test. This helps point out some of the weak areas the test taker hasn’t yet caught up with after the series of training before going in for the exams.


If you’re fortunate to use the right GRE test prep materials, it enormously lessens the burden associated with exam preparation. Opting for the right choice wouldn’t be so difficult when you do so with the information contained in this article.

You should bear in mind that when seeking a quality GRE test prep service provider, a corresponding fee is required. This is the case with quality education providers, such as Kaplan. Most education providers try to work with every student’s budget, and you would have to put in the effort to find the one that suits you. Have a successful GRE test!

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