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How the education industry will be in 2021

How the education industry will be in 2021– Bharat Goyal, Founder, Director, Bhartiyam International School

Even as we are trying to limp back to any semblance of normalcy and even as vaccines have started giving us hope, activity is slowly returning as far classrooms are concerned. There is a sense of expectancy in the air, but even as we adapt to this new normal, there is a need to be vigilant, there is a need to always follow the norms which have become a way of life.

With the advancement of technology, our lives are changing every minute. We cannot deny the fact that the internet and several other devices continue to change the way we learn. It has come to our rescue more than before this year when we were all maintaining distance and yet, staying connected. This will continue to be the way things will shape up even next year and here we take a look at how education trends will be very different in the years to come – socially distant, yet more effective!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

Artificial Intelligence has made its way into the education sphere and it has transformed a number of its components. This include testing and grading – automated algorithms have the potential to save time and a number of AI-driven tools have been used by educational institutions.

AI solutions have helped improve time management which has had a knock-on effect on the overall efficiency of education.

Now, it should be mentioned here that we are already seeing the impact of AI on a host of educational platforms and this trend will only spiral in the coming years.

Big data

A lot of existing institutions have been experimenting with big data and data analytics in order to gain insights into how institutions function. For instance, big data is being put to use to organize school life – these include carrying out various tasks for classrooms and monitoring the progress of students.

Apart from this, tools will be put into place to track the performance of a school against their set objectives and whether or not, their progress is in alignment with the goals.

When a student will be analysed based on data, there will more focus given if the progress is not as per competition and hence, personalised tutorials and classes will start taking shape.

Growth of the vernacular medium

With data getting cheap and smartphones reaching the remotest corners of the country, education will also see a dynamic shift as far as catering to the students in their own language. Classes, lessons and personal guide in vernacular language will ensure quality education without any gaps and this is expected to take off in the coming years.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things defines physical items being connected to the world wide web or among themselves. In the coming years, we can expect it to replace the age-old methods of chalk and blackboard.

We already have access of tons of e-books, tutorials, customized solutions on our fingertips and this will only grow. A smartphone will be the mode of communication between a student and teacher and bereft of any distractions, there will be guidance at all times.


Automated machines have stepped in and they are making rather complex tasks extremely easy. This is another trend which we expect to head north in 2021. Robotics has made designing flexible teaching and learning systems.

Robots, for instance, is a boon for students who are differently-abled as they can make learning a fun process for students with physical, sensory, or mental disabilities.

For instance, Siri and Alexa can accomplish a task merely by voice command and this can be used extensively by people who find typing difficult or even for people with visibility challenges.

AR/VR technologies

Education will become more experiential in the years to come and this is where an in-person experience can be created by integrating and adapting AR/VR technologies using wearable devices. Also, virtual lab experiences can be designed where students will be able to communicate with an experimental apparatus merely by plugging in the device via a computer interface.

Storing data on cloud

Access information any time from any place!

This will have to be the mantra going forward as learning will no longer be confined to stipulated hours.

By incorporating cloud technology, content for any course can easily be accessed from any device – Smartphone, Tablet, personal computer at any point as per the needs.

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