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How to find ideal accommodation abroad?

Nothing else in the world will offer us enough satisfaction as a unique experience. An adventure grants us memorable moments, and technologies will aid us in building a future without boundaries. When the chance to study in another country arises, it is an opportunity to pursue and understand these subjects, which should be seized and cherished.

This is no mystery that coronavirus has had a worldwide effect. It came even close to halting the world’s progression. Many people, including students, are still stranded where they are, in accommodations that they preferred because they had been affordable or comfortable.

The pandemic has changed everything, including interactions with other people, but we must continue our isolation to stop over socializing for the time being.

After verifying your approval to the university of your desire, the next important decision is to discover the perfect student housing in the region. As it would be your home for an extended period, make sure it is decent, comfortable, and meets all of your requirements.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand what to look for in student housing. Here are a few helpful ideas for selecting your perfect accommodation, even when you’re in the heart of a disease outbreak.

Find more about study abroad accommodation plans. 

It’s essential to do thorough research to get a complete sense of the vibe of your chosen location, even with all its nooks and crannies. Look up stats on the cost of living, new local hobbies to try, various neighbourhoods, what’s trendy with students, how to find bargains, and where the best places are on the internet.

Unlike homework, this stage of your accommodation quest can be a lot of fun. You’ll have a strong sense of the position and be able to set reasonable goals.

When it comes to student housing, there are various options available, such as a studio.

However, before deciding on a place to stay, you should ask a few questions. Is it enough to have a place to rest one’s head?  A single space with a shared bathroom on the same floor might be suitable for one?

In any case, if you want more comfort and security, you might want to choose a double room with an en-suite bathroom. Until you start searching for a bed, figure out what you need. This would make narrowing down one’s options much easier.

If you want to be sure that the place you’ll be staying is as comfortable and encouraging as your bedroom, you can check it thoroughly. A perfectly planned space, along with a tranquil study room, nearby fitness centre, particular lounge area, safe bike parking, and much more, are included in the home comforts convenience options.


The region or site of the accommodation is another crucial thing to remember. If you are not staying on campus, such as in communal houses, it is essential to find answers to a few questions.

Is there a convenient mode of transportation that connects the university and the town? Isn’t there anything to be done for the civility of the neighbourhood? Is there a store nearby where one can get bread while still in their pyjamas?

Is there a library for when the college library is closed? Above all, determine if the location is close to the college – preferably, it should be within walking distance or require a quick transportation trip. To ensure that off-campus housing, such as shared en-suites, is accessible.

To ensure that off-campus housing, such as a shared en-suite, is accessible, one would most likely be asked to pay a booking fee or a deposit.

When agreeing to rent a bed, make sure to get a formal agreement from the property manager outlining what is covered by the guarantee and a complete inventory of furniture. It might seem to be a slew of problems and paperwork, but no one wants to risk their deposit if they wish to leave.

Set a budget 

The next thing to think of is how much money you want to spend on study abroad accommodation plans. Setting a monthly budget is essential to prevent surprises!

Remember that bills are not always included in the annual rental price for particular apartments (i.e., you may need to pay for wifi, gas, water, and electricity on top).

Make sure you read the study abroad apartment details carefully, figure out how much you’re able to pay and ask any questions that arise.You must know what is feasible when preparing your study abroad budget. You’ll get a sense of what to plan from your budget when you do your analysis.

Select the kind of accommodation you need.

When deciding on your favourite form of lodging, keep in mind your budget and the setting you believe will be best for you to live in. Rooms for rent can be found in various locations, like around your university, student housing, Facebook pages, and, of course, internet sites that rent houses exclusively for students.

You have the option of renting a whole unit, a single space in a shared apartment, or a room in a student residence. Cleaning is provided, and a payment system is also in place, so student residences may also have more security. When it comes to tourists and plans, they typically have more rules to obey. If you want to live in a student dorm, contact the institution to see if there is a pre-existing arrangement or even a residence on campus.

Don’t let your international accommodation be a source of frustration. 

Bear in mind that study abroad accommodation in the most famous student cities fills up quickly, so book your study abroad apartment in Leeds, Manchester, or London as soon as possible. Someone else will steal the apartment you had your sights on before you knew it!

We recognise that you do not want to book the first thing that comes up (for example, you may need to consult with your community or double-check with your parents). Still, it’s critical to strike the right balance between doing adequate homework and not overthinking it. Remember, other students are looking for suitable accommodation abroad just like you!

How can Amberstudent help you? 

AmberStudent is worried about international students who plan to study abroad in the wake of this pandemic. We recognise our responsibilities to students, colleagues, and the city, which is why we’ve revised our cancellation policy to provide students with more clarity about their accommodation.

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