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How TruMath is making math fun and engaging

Lately we have been seeing a rapid growth in usage of tablet computers in households and schools. One of the educational utilities of tablet computers is using math apps to engage students in mathematics learning. However, given the short history of mobile devices, little research exists on the effectiveness of math apps, particularly for struggling students.

If we ask students their definition of difficult, the quick answer is Mathematics. So we can say that students perceive mathematics as a stressful discipline. However, with the proliferation of ed-tech platforms and educational apps, learning maths is becoming relatively easier today than a decade back. One such ed-tech solution is TruMath – an online app launched in 2016 specially designed for the IIT JEE aspirants and also provides basic learning modules for classes 8 to 10. Knowledge and learning are the two main components which strengthen the student’s skill set. Sometimes it is not possible for parents to arrange offline classes due to certain reasons that include high fee structure, tight schedule of their children, lack of time management, etc. Educational technology has long been recognised as a valuable approach to improving the mathematics achievement of elementary school children. 

TruMath app is designed to dismiss the myth that mathematics is difficult to understand and make maths a favourite subject of students. Besides, its in-built scores calculation and time tracking/management features are especially useful for students preparing for the competitive exams. Some of its key features are:



*Self-paced learning

*Self-discipline and responsibility

*Cost efficient

*Time management


Authored by Sachin Gulati, founder TruMath

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