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Idea Box – Brighten up your space!

Are you aware of vacant spaces that need a dash of colour? It could be your room, a balcony or a classroom. Here are some quick ‘n easy ideas to add colour to your life!
Buy a pack of colourful balls. Take a big sheet of transparent plastic (the kind that florists use would be great!) and wrap a number of balls. Tie both ends with satin ribbon to make a large sweet-shaped decoration. Or make it long and narrow to resemble a Christmas cracker. Or just tie it up like a bag. Place this decoration in a prominent spot.

Buy large sheets of brightly-coloured paper. Draw a shape on the back of one. It could be a large elephant or a flower. Place many sheets together and cut it out so that you have the same cut-out in many colours.

Now arrange them one behind the other, with a little of each colour peeping out, and fix it on your door or wall. Paint details on the cut-out that is placed first.

If you cut out geometric shapes like triangles or hearts, you can arrange them like a fan before gluing them on.

Add colourful borders along your walls, or stickers to match your theme.

Do mail photos of your decorated spaces to us at [email protected]

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