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IMAX launches Traveller series for ICSE primary classes

March 21, 2018

According to official sources on March 16, IMAX, a school-based individualised curriculum programme adopted by more than 800 schools and 3 lakh students across India, has launched the latest edition of Traveller series books. The product is designed specifically to meet the requirements of the new curriculum released in November 2016 by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE). The series was launched recently during the annual conference of the Association of Heads of Anglo-Indian Schools.
The books strive to ensure inclusiveness in terms of gender and diversity in representation, catering to the heterogeneous Indian classroom. The Traveller series is available for five subjects – English, Mathematics, Environmental Studies (EVS), Science and Social Studies. With respect to English, the Traveller series promotes greater engagement with the language and refines fluency in English communication. Traveller Mathematics books develop everyday problem-solving and reasoning skills in the learners while helping them become adept at mathematical skills as appropriate at the primary level.

Likewise for EVS, the Traveller series promotes interdisciplinary learning focused on the environment and highlights how we dynamically interact with it, thus fostering concern and sensitivity towards the environment. Additionally, Science books nurture and reinforce development of scientific temper and curiosity towards scientific activities. The Social Studies books augment social, cultural and analytical skills of learners.

IMAX partners with schools, supporting them with learning materials and processes that are all crafted to work together as an interconnected system to drive learning. The current series differs from its predecessor as it has been formulated as per the new curriculum released by the CISCE in November 2016. Each chapter is tightly mapped with the themes and learning outcomes for each of the five subjects (English, Mathematics, EVS, Science and Social Studies) for classes I to V.

Highlighting the uniqueness of the current series, Naveen Mandava, co-founder of IMAX programme said, “The latest edition of the Traveller series while being true to the spirit of the newly released CISCE curriculum, also retains the best features of IMAX across all subjects. IMAX books focus on skill development as opposed to being inclined towards fostering rote learning. The new Traveller series is no different in this sense, except that it is even more rigorous in terms of quality of content and presentation.”

IMAX addresses the gaps in the education system by providing individualised learning solutions to students and training teachers in the latest teaching technologies for effective teaching. IMAX offers customised textbooks, workbooks and teacher manuals that provide the teachers with interactive teaching sessions, new teaching methods and easy-to-implement lesson plans. IMAX’s products also help to close the feedback loop by assessing students and providing remediation based on each student’s individual scores, learning abilities and patterns.

IMAX textbooks, workbooks and teacher companion books have been designed with an aim to enhance these fundamental concepts. A team of pedagogy experts has carried out an intensive mapping exercise to create a framework based on the CISCE curriculum document.

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