Immigration Trends: Opportunity for Indian students to widen their horizons

Ajay Sharma– Ajay Sharma, President and Founder – Abhinav Immigration Services Private Limited

Traditionally, only the children from the elite Indian families were sent abroad to attain the quality education and further global settlement. However, after the economic liberalization in India in 1991, the country witnessed a rapid increase in Indian students going abroad. According to a recent study, over 1 million Indian students are currently studying in 85 countries, wherein over 50% of Indian students are studying in North America alone. The boom in overseas education and the outflow of Indian students to other countries reflect their common purpose and motivation to achieve global migration.

The developed countries greatly benefit from the influx of international students as they bring billions of dollars into their economies. In simple terms, international students are the cash cow for their economy. And, to attract more students, these countries offer post-study work and immigration opportunities. Nowadays, more Indian students seek overseas education with the sole intent to gain permanent residency and long-term employment.

Study statistics – Around 55% of students move to foreign destinations after completing their high school education for a bachelor’s degree, whereas 40% go for a master’s degree. According to the study, Bachelor’s degree pursuant invest their time in learning new skills, languages, and networking, along with relevant internships to enhance their resume. In terms of intended course, more than 35% of students choose management courses followed by economics and engineering that attracts 25% and 20% international students respectively.

Immigration option – Countries like Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Germany, Ireland, South Korea, Finland, etc., provide post-study work and immigration options to students. Each country has its PR pathway with its ratio of procedural complexity. However, Canada has the most straightforward process that can lead to quick permanent residency among all these destinations. On the other hand, the USA has one of the most burdensome PR pathways with years of waiting for permanent residency. The rest of the countries offer a smooth process for students.

Reasons to migrate – The pandemic and economic challenges have encouraged Indians to move abroad to pursue courses that fulfill their long-term goals. Students choose immigration-friendly study destinations that provide wholesome benefits such as better quality of life, abundant jobs, high earnings, better infrastructure, and amenities. Moreover, they want a strong economy, quality education, easy immigration visa policies, work permit, and post-study work opportunities. The USA remains to be the most preferred study destination. But, due to sensitive issues of the process longer waiting periods for the green card, students now choose alternate options such as Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and Singapore.

According to India’s Ministry of Home Affairs, 8,81,254 Indians have renounced their Indian citizenship and attained second citizenship since 2015. India does not allow dual citizenship; therefore, individuals must surrender their Indian passport to acquire second citizenship. Many of the Indians studying abroad went on to achieve permanent residency and foreign citizenship.

Immigrating to another country can be frightening for students, especially with university applications, study visas, post-study work permits, and immigration procedures. Every country offers multiple visa options depending on the applicant’s long-term goals. More than 80% of industry experts believe that a student’s immigration status hugely impacts their career growth in a foreign country. Therefore, choosing an immigration-friendly study destination and an authentic immigration consultant for successful application.

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