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Importance of Biology in our daily lives

The term biology comprises life and living beings in general. Since humans fall under the category of living beings, Biology is helpful in explaining the various phenomena both around and within us. After going through this article, one can appreciate the importance the importance of biology in our day to day lives.

Let us explore how various areas of biology apply to various aspects of our life like where we reside, what we consume, and what activities we are engaged in.

Understand Human Body

Ranging from physiology to genetics, different sections of biology explains about the elements involved in the making of human body, its working, its relation with food, respiratory system and human body parts and finally, its relation with the environment. Thus understanding this would help us in avoiding, removing and curing diseases. It helps us gain strength and even reduce weight.

How to treat diseases

As there is a strong connection between modern medicine and biology, as pharmacology, a domain under biology forms an integral part of modern medicine/healthcare. Pharmacology includes areas ranging from research to manufacturing painkillers and medicines to treat depression. Domains such as pathology is beneficial for knowing about various diseases and the reasons behind them along with their implications on the human body. Virology does the same but focuses on the impact of viruses on the humans. Biology’s influence on genetics cannot be ignored. Technological advancement has taken scientists to another level where they could predict diseases beforehand, how they are transferred through generations and finally fixing them at a miniscule level. Simply put, the scope biology has would make one wonder as it is endless especially in the field of medicine and health.

Necessity of nutrients

Once we understand the mechanism of human body and its relation to the food we consume, diet experts would be able to advise us on what kind of diet would be suitable or proper for every individual. The nutritionists would be able to guide us on what diet we should consume to reduce weight or to gain them and depending on the lifestyle we choose viz. hard labour job or office work.

Besides the points mentioned above, there are various other ways in which biology influences us. The domain named ecology deals with the ecosystem in general viz. About the coexistence of plants, animals in the environment which would improve one understands of how humans could contribute to the improvement of the ecosystem or would destroy it if they utilise the natural resources unwisely. The area of Immunology deals with the immune system and its workings like how it reacts to various disease causing bacterias and viruses.

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