India’s best central government day schools 2022-2023

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For EWISR 2022-23, a specially constituted sample respondent database was interviewed by the Delhi-based C fore to rate Central government day schools on 14 parameters of school education excellence, writes Paromita Sengupta & Reshma Ravishanker

Navy Children School, Vizag’s Dr. Parul Kumar

The condition of the overwhelming majority of India’s 1.20 million government schools is so poor in terms of infrastructure, teacher competence, pedagogy, curriculum delivery and digital readiness, sports, co-curricular and life skills education that no media publication has ever bothered to evaluate them or separate grain from chaff.

However, your editors have no ideological or any other prejudice against government schools. On the contrary, we are convinced that comprehensive upgradation and continuous improvement of government schools under all parameters of school education excellence is the essential precondition of national development. Therefore since 2014, the annual EWISR (EducationWorld India School Rankings) survey has included league tables rating and ranking the best Central government schools inter se.

However this year, in response to public demand, the composite government schools league table is sub-divided into Central and state government day schools. Moreover, Indian Army and defence services schools have been reclassified as Central government institutions.

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