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Jackfruit House, Malleswaram






Inspired by Maria Montessori’s method, Jackfruit House was started by the founder, Vachana in 2007. The school started with Montessori program and also had the Play Group and Nursery programs running in parallel. The school is sited amidst exuberant greenery with palms, flowering plants and a lawn. A fifty year old jackfruit tree stands tall in the outdoor area, hence the name Jackfruit House.


Jackfruit House provides a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment that inspires the young minds. A special feature of this school is its vast outdoor natural environment complete with trees, flowering plants and play-equipments. The school hosts daycare facility.


Jackfruit House offers two methods of learning: Traditional (pre-school) Method and the Montessori Method.

Pre-school curriculum is as follows:

Younger children community (15 months-2 years): This curriculum includes activities like taking care of oneself, taking care of environment, to build independence, movement skills, language skills and social activities.

Playgroup (2-3 years): In this curriculum, along with other activities, the school focuses on play, music, dance and art. Concepts are taught with the flash card, models and other teaching method. Children play in the outdoor play area with slides, tunnels and swings. Cycling and nature walk are also included in the curriculum.

Nursery (3-4 years): In nursery, children are taught to differentiate the sizes, colors, shapes, textures, smell, taste and musical sound. Children develop their language skill and oral skill through story-telling, book-time, flash cards and interactive sessions. They also learn subjects such as mathematics, geography and science.

The Montessori system encompasses five areas:

Practical life: The first and most important step in this process is to make children able to conduct everyday life. In this process children develop fine motor skills, focus and concentration and self esteem.

Sensorial materials: This process focuses on the development of sensory perception. All five senses are engaged as children learn to differentiate among sizes, colors, weights, forms, textures, scents, tastes and musical sounds.

Language: In this area, children are given an opportunity to develop language and oral skills through discussions, story-telling, poetry and vocabulary lessons.

Mathematics: In this process children explore the processes of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Along with this, they also learn the subjects like Geography, History, Botany and Zoology.

Art & music: Art programme includes coloring, painting and craft. Music is an integral part where children learn Bhajans and rhymes.

General Information

Admission Age
1 Year And 2 Months


Steps involved in the application process:

Parents are given all the details about school environment.

Parents need to come for an environment visit and an observation session on separate days with prior appointment.

An interactive session is held with the family to understand each other’s expectations and to clarify any doubts.

Parents need to pick up the application form. The form needs to be duly filled and returned within 10 days along with the other required papers.

Fees: Please contact the school for information on fees.


Jackfruit House, Malleswaram has been ranked among the top 20 pre-schools in Bangalore by the EducationWorld India Preschool Rankings 2013.

Day Care


Website :

Address : 96/1, SwamyRanga Nilaya

Email : [email protected]

Contact : 8066815535

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96/1, SwamyRanga Nilaya
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