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Jadavpur University

Jadavpur University female student accuses professor of sexual harassment

February 23, 2024

A female student enrolled in the first year of postgraduate studies at Jadavpur University has come forward with allegations of sexual harassment against a senior faculty member, who happens to be a former head of the department. The student, currently undergoing an ongoing semester examination, conveyed her distress in an email addressed to JU Registrar Snehamanju Basu on Wednesday night. In her communication, she expressed genuine apprehension about potential adverse effects on her academic career due to the alleged misconduct.

To ensure the gravity of the situation is duly recognized, copies of the email were disseminated to key figures, including the UGC chairman, the chairperson of the state women’s commission, and the Jadavpur police station. The student recounted an incident during the recent first-semester examination where the accused teacher purportedly subjected her to an uncomfortable frisking in the presence of male students. The reason cited was an accusation of cheating, although nothing incriminating was discovered.

Adding to her ordeal, the student claimed that during the second examination, the professor compelled her to leave the exam hall prematurely. However, the current head of the department intervened, permitting her to resume and complete her papers after a brief interval.

Furthermore, the female student, originally from Midnapore, implicated two final-year male students from her department. According to her, they allegedly urged her to provide “favours” to the senior faculty member involved in the harassment.

Upon inquiry, the accused teacher was not available for comment. The Jadavpur University Teachers’ Association (JUTA) General Secretary, Partha Pratim Roy, conveyed that, based on information available to the teachers’ body, the student was reportedly caught engaging in unfair means during a test by a lady invigilator.

Describing the claims as both “shocking and scary,” Roy emphasized JUTA’s insistence on a thorough and expeditious investigation into the serious allegations. He also highlighted the potential consequences of such accusations against invigilators, raising concerns about the future willingness of faculty members to fulfill examination duties.

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