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Sited at Nungambakkam in Chennai, Kangaroo Kids Preschool is part of Kangaroo Kids Education Ltd, which boasts 55 Kangaroo Kids preschools and 18 Billabong primary-secondary schools countrywide. Led by well-known educationist Lina Ashar, KKEL’s focus is on customizing learning, given that each child is unique and learns differently. The school ensures that every child obtains basic education, thus preparing them as confident keen learners in the vital years of their growth by offering them high quality holistic education.


Kangaroo Kids, Nungambakkam hosts a well stocked library, a computer room, an indoor playroom, gym, outdoor jungle gym, sand and water play area, traffic park, music room and an audio and visual room. The school campus offers superior quality teaching-learning facilities as well as plenty of outdoor and indoor playing equipments in a well maintained play area.


The school curriculum primarily focuses on Brain Research and other innovative learning methods based on effective first hand practical learning. It offers playschool-cum-preschool programs for children. They also have a mother and child program for very young children to help them get started with school life. Children are taught through music, play, art and craft and are also introduced to computers.

Teaching methodology at Kangaroo Kids incorporates the following concepts/theories:

Multiple Intelligences: This technique of education aims at applying a child’s intelligence equally in all areas. Unlike old school methods, this theory facilitates a student to groom him/her in subjects such as arts, music and social behaviour along with logic, verbal and math skills.

Theme Based Learning: Aims at amplifying a child’s education through Theme based project. The process includes all-round tutoring in maths, active play, music/rhymes/songs and, thus helping children boost their creativity and providing them with different ways to enhance their conceptual development.

Bloom’s Taxonomy: This concept aims at teaching a child to utilize his/her knowledge in a broader platform and delve into reasons in detail about every topic given to them from all possible perspectives.

Developmentally Appropriate: Curriculum is considered age appropriate or developmentally appropriate if it is based on knowledge of how most students grow and what they can do socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically, at a given age. At Kangaroo Kids, classroom activities are planned in such a manner that they are appropriate to students’ developmental abilities and support each student’s physical, intellectual and emotional growth.

General Information

Admission Age
1 Year And 6 Months


The new academic term begins in June and admission forms can be obtained from the school office. The age criterion for admission to Playgroup is 1.6 years to 2.5 years, 2.6 years to 3.5 years for Nursery, 3.6 years to 4.5 years for Junior K.G. and 4.6 years to 5.5 years for Senior K.G.

Admission requirements include:

1. Two passport size colour photographs of the child.

2. One certified copy of child’s Birth Certificate.

Fees: For detailed fee schedule, please get in touch with the school counsellor.


Kangaroo Kids, Nungambakkam, has been ranked among the top 20 preschools in Chennai by the EducationWorld India Preschool Rankings 2013.

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