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Katha's cuppa CHAI as vaccine for child poverty

Katha’s cuppa CHAI as vaccine for child poverty

July 1, 2021

Katha India is planning to launch ‘Covid Hatao Abhiyan India (Chai) campaign’ starting July 3, 2021. The 101-day initiative from Katha and its 300M Alliance Partners is designed to equip children with learning about COVID safety and non-COVID related learning in a fun and interactive way. With CHAI, Katha plans to minimize the learning impact from a potential third wave of COVID-19.

Katha is a reputed children’s publisher and is well respected in the education sector for its relentless pursuit of encouraging the joy of learning. What started in 1988, with the teaching of 5 children in a slum in Delhi, has today captured the imagination of millions of children. Katha’s website mentions that it has impacted over 1 Crore Children and youth by bringing in the joy of reading, in over 2500 Slum communities about a partnership with 1800 school Partnerships across 17 states of India

“COVID-19 and its associated closure of schools have impacted children the most. Crores of children, especially from the underserved sections, are at the risk of dropping out of the education system forever. This will have unimaginable social consequences for India in the decades to come. CHAI’s mission is to reach these children at risk of dropping out from government /private schools and non-profit organizations. Directly and through its 300M Alliance Partners”, says Geeta Dharmarajan, a Padma Shri awardee and the Founder of Katha 33 years ago.

Like everything else at Katha, even July 3 is planned and has a special significance. The first Saturday of July marks the International Co-operative Day, and an annual celebration of the cooperative movement observed on the first Saturday in July 1923 by the International Co-operative Alliance. Katha is celebrating the 300M Alliance with this.

CHAI is crafted and curated with  101-days of activities, workshops and reading sessions, both knowledge and fun, for school-goers and homeschoolers. Katha has planned a plethora of child-centric, facilitator-led fun and learning activities; the topics include COVID safety, Reading, Learning activities, Climate action, STEM and “Culture linking” during the period. All workshops will be conducted by guest faculty and community women, teachers, councillors, noted personalities, story pedagogy experts, reading experts, theatre, medical, and experts from management. Community women play a significant r0ole in Katha. Over the years, approximately 500,000 women at the grassroots were impacted most positively.

Why 101-DAYS?

With 33 years of work with children, Katha’s teachers have observed that children can learn from 0-600 words in just three months. The CHAI campaign leverages the time-tested Katha’s pedagogy approach to impart long term sustainable impact. We also believe that education – Reading and Learning – are the only real vaccination against child poverty. 

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