ISRA 2020
ISRA 2020

Kickstart active learning

Schools are steadily introducing more and more activities to encourage digital and interactive learning. Here are some ways to enrich your child’s education.

Theme-based sleepovers

Organise monthly sleepovers or parties that focus on a theme like Mars” or marsupials Every invitee must bring some interesting inputs in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, chart, pictures, videos, or anything else that will offer new information to the others.

For younger children, the themes could be more general, like Space” or Animals For older ones, you could be more specific, since they have more advanced information-gathering methods and resources at their disposal.

If you are organising a sleepover, you could pick a good movie related to the theme, or find some experiments they can do together.

Neighbourhood clubs

Children can identify educational activities and run away from them, so its important to create the right ambience that doesn’t give an impression of boring activities. Add excitement to learning by encouraging group activities. Get your child and friends to start a science, environment, language, music, dance, arts, games or sports club, where they can plan their own activities.

You can contribute by donating educational kits or skill-building books. Kits available in the market include robotic, electromagnetic, gardening, and chemistry among others.

You can also donate books and CDs on nature, science experiments, fun with language and craft projects to the club. These can be given to the club library, to be shared and circulated.

Scan your network of friends for those who can share their expertise. If your kids have started a chess club, they will enjoy coaching sessions by a chess whiz.


Kids don’t always get an opportunity to participate in inter-school competitions. Giving them a chance to take part in assorted competitions in more informal settings can boost their confidence.

You can do this by organising your own events. Pick competitive games like scrabble, spelling bee, debates and other literary activities. Or organise quizzes on child-friendly themes. Choose interesting topics and jazz up the event with music, snacks, contests, prizes and games.

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