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Kolkata: Hackers threaten Class 6 students of rape during online class

June 24, 2020

During an online class of Class 6 students of a Kolkata school, some hackers of the online session threatened girls of rape and murder. The incident took place on Tuesday, June 23, 2020, when some people entered the session and started making indecent noise, The Times of India reported.

The Kolkata online class hackers then reportedly started abusing and threatening girls of rape and murder. Shocked, the students alerted their teacher and parents, after which the intruders stopped speaking.

The intruders then started writing sexual comments in the chat box, following which the online class was suspended. An initial probe found that there were two logins in the name of one student. An official from the school said they were investigating if passwords of the online class had been shared by someone that may have led to the intrusion.

Many parents who were home rushed to the screens hearing the noises. The intruders then stopped speaking and began writing sexually loaded comments on the chatboxes, thus forcing the school authorities to call off the class.

While schools and colleges have been using video conferencing tools during lockdown, concerns have been raised by parents over the safety of online classes after such intrusions were reported. The government also had warned people that the Zoom video conferencing app for meetings was not a safe platform for official use.

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Source: Times of India

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