Let’s say instead, “I am there!!!”

EducationWorld November 2023 | Magazine Spotlight Feature
Vividh Gupta, Principal, Bal Bhavan Public School, Mayur Vihar-II, Delhi – 110091. https://www.bbpsmv.com

Let's say instead "I am there!!!"Children are special!! the reformers of future and the change makers, whereas the modern world is demanding, filled with challenges and yet full of bright prospects. When we perceive them to be nation builders, it is necessary to understand that they are what we nurture them with today. It’s fine to be aspiring when we are in a role of parent, however, let’s understand that our children look upon us as a support. For a child, an ideal world is one where setbacks don’t appear daunting, a disappointing day doesn’t shatter their spirit, and missed opportunities don’t lead to lasting regrets. It would be pleasing for them to hear “Don’t worry, I am there!!!” instead of “Why you couldn’t???”.

The role of parent is significant and diligent when it comes to upbringing a child, and it’s appreciating that the modern parent aims to find best for their child. However, in our race of searching the best, we somewhere forget what our child needs. 

A parent often exhibit concerns when confronted with their child’s inappropriate behaviours and subpar academic performance and are disappointed at their child’s neglect to the guidance and counselling offered to them. The question that arises is, are we sufficiently cognizant of their situation?

I posit that when parents entrust their children to an educational institution, they must place their faith in its guiding principles and embrace the educational endeavours that have been thoughtfully curated for the betterment of the children. The essence of this proposition is to foster cooperation, establish harmonious coordination, and stay apprised of the child’s scholastic journey.

It is imperative that the domestic environment aligns itself with the child’s scholastic pursuits, thus offering a robust support system for their educational journey. Often children refrain from confiding their concerns and challenges, apprehensive of their parents’ reactions. The bedrock of this mutual trust should be carefully cultivated from the very foundation.

In this extraordinary and challenging journey of parenting, there is a need to create a nurturing and empathetic environment for our children. The fast-paced and sometimes disconnected world often leave children in delusions and all a child needs is a strong support system that assures them, “I am there!!!

Model Empathy: let’s be their role models, be empathetic toward them, and understand no one is same or perfect. By being empathetic we build a relation of trust with them and can leave a lasting impression on their young minds, where they are free to share their problems and issues.
Encourage Child’s Viewpoint: Talk to them, understand their perspective and guide their behaviours and decisions. Engage them in conversations that encourage them to understand situations from varied point of view.
Validate Feelings: Comfort your child that their feelings are valid and genuine. Create a safe space where they feel comfortable expressing their emotions without fear of judgment.
Support: Support is the cornerstone upon which a child’s self-esteem and confidence are built. The reassuring words instils a sense of security that can positively impact their emotional well-being. Active Listening: Listen to your child’s thoughts and concerns. Show a genuine interest in their opinions and resist the urge to immediately provide solutions. Sometimes, all a child needs, is a listening ear.
Be Present: Spend quality time with your children & make your presence feel in their lives. Encourage activities to engage them in activities that foster bonding and create lasting memories.
Encourage Independence: While support is crucial, it’s equally important to encourage independence. Allow your child to make choices, learn from their mistakes, and build resilience. Knowing that you trust their abilities can boost their self-confidence.

The world is speeding ahead and often chaotic for the little child, unless we stand as their pillar of support. Support, shouldn’t be confused with ignoring mistakes and neglecting misdeeds. It is paving ways and enlightening minds, clearing doubts and having faith.

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