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Lucknow University Witnesses Record-Breaking Surge in Foreign Student Applications

June 13, 2023

Nishant Saxena

Lucknow University (LU) is experiencing an unprecedented wave of applications from international students seeking admission to its undergraduate and postgraduate programs for the academic session 2023-2024. This surge has propelled LU to reach its highest-ever number of applications from foreign students, with a staggering 1,200 applicants representing 60 countries worldwide. The admission process for these students will be facilitated through the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) student scholarship program.

Diverse interests among the applicants have been observed, as students from Japan express a desire to study political science, while Chinese students demonstrate a keen interest in learning Hindi. Likewise, Malaysian students have shown a preference for Urdu, while candidates from various other nations aspire to pursue management studies.

This year, LU is set to embrace an even more diverse student body, unlike the previous academic sessions, as students from all corners of the globe, including Africa and Asia, have demonstrated an inclination to study at the prestigious institution. This surge in interest can be attributed to Lucknow University’s growing reputation as an academic hub.

Comparing the statistics with previous years, the difference is striking. In 2021, the number of foreign student applications stood at a mere 371, which then surged significantly in 2022, with around 800 students vying for admission. However, the ongoing academic year has witnessed an impressive milestone as Lucknow University crossed the 1,000-mark for the first time in its history.

Highlighting the significance of this increase, an LU official expressed their confidence that the rise in foreign student applications would boost the university’s rankings on both national and international levels. Many academic institutions receive additional recognition for their rich student diversity, contributing to improved public perception. Lucknow University is poised to benefit from this trend, with an influx of students from abroad adding to its already stellar reputation.

Financially, LU also stands to gain from the surge in applications. The fees collected from these international students amount to over Rs 1 crore, which significantly aids the university in managing its financial challenges.

LU spokesperson Durgesh Srivastava attributed the surge in foreign student applications to the university’s research endeavors, which have garnered international recognition. The institution’s faculty members have been successful in obtaining patents, publishing research papers with high impact factors, securing prestigious fellowships, and engaging in international projects. Furthermore, Lucknow University’s academic excellence has been underscored by an A++ grade awarded by the National Assessment Accreditation Council, further bolstering its reputation.

As Lucknow University celebrates this unprecedented surge in foreign student applications, it is evident that the institution’s commitment to academic excellence and its growing international recognition have propelled it to the forefront of higher education.

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