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Maharashtra: Two specially abled children die due to suspected food poisoning

Maharashtra: 30 students of an ashram school hospitalised after food poisoning

August 25, 2023

Around thirty students from an ashram school located in Bhandara district, eastern Maharashtra, were hospitalized due to suspected food poisoning. The incident took place at Yerali Ashram School in Tumsar town on Thursday.

Bhandara district health officer Milind Somkuwar provided details, stating that a number of students from the ashram school exhibited symptoms like vomiting, abdominal pain, and fever on Thursday. Following this, the district health department assessed 325 students who reside in the school hostel.

Among them, approximately thirty students were admitted to the sub-district hospital in Tumsar for medical treatment. The official remarked that the symptoms appear consistent with food poisoning, as the students fell ill after consuming food served to them at the hostel. He assured that all students are currently in stable condition and are expected to be discharged shortly.

The health department has collected samples of both the food and water for testing purposes. It’s worth noting that ashram schools are residential institutions that provide education up to the secondary level to children belonging to tribal communities.

Source: PTI

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