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EducationWorld February 2023 | Mailbox Parents World

Words of encouragement
As always, the latest issue of EducationWorld makes absorbing reading. I hope in this year, we will meet the extraordinary expectations and aspirations of all for a transformative change in our knowledge society enriched by erudite individuals like you. I appreciate your visionary oversight of this widely read magazine which is a fund of information for varied stakeholders representing different strata of India’s education community.
Let me wish you the best of success in all aspects of your multidimensional endeavour in promoting quality education, and thus creating an enlightened society shaping India’s 21st century destiny. Sincere best wishes for 2023.
Dr. K. Kasturirangan on email

Wake up call
I am a regular reader of EW and agree with your cover story (EW, January) that private universities are “catalysing sea change in higher education”. India’s slew of new genre, globally benchmarked privately promoted universities have indeed infused new life in higher education, and spirit of competition within the country’s apathetic public universities. I hope your detailed cover story will wake up government higher education institutions which are indifferent to academic and research excellence.
It’s high time our myopic politicians acknowledge the role and contribution of private education in the national development effort.
Senthil Kumar

Wrong focus
Your cover story (EW January) has left me with a deep sense of disappointment. Instead of acknowledging that India’s highest ranked institutions in the QS and THE World University Rankings are public universities, you have celebrated private universities, which are highly ranked in your own league table. Public technology and research institutes such as the IITs need to be appreciated for the commendable work they are doing. How can you dismiss their role in catalysing sea change?
Suhaas P. on email

Confusing methodology
Re part II of your comprehensive EW India School Rankings 2022-23 (EW October). The management of Hopetown Girls School, Dehradun is deeply disappointed that we have been awarded a low score under the parameter of safety & hygiene. As a fully residential school we pride ourselves on high standards of safety and hygiene to ensure well-being of our students. I assure you we have very strong protocols and systems. Our Block Education Officer at Sahaspur who inspected our school recently, especially complimented us for our safety and hygiene standards.
We are very confused with your evaluation methodology. Kindly clarify.
Srinjoy Ghosh
Administrative Coordinator
Hopetown Girls School,
Scores under every parameter are awarded by 14,221 sample respondents comprising school principals, parents, teachers and senior students according to their perception. See p.36 of our cover story – Editor

Agile classrooms
I am highly impressed with Jessica Cavallaro’s column on student-driven agile classrooms (Teacher-2-Teacher, EW January). As an education professional myself I am in full agreement with the author’s views that to prepare students for the looming uncertain future, we need to focus on equipping them with transferable, flexible and adaptive learning skills. Inviting students to collaborate to engage with content is the need of the hour.
Anandi Singh

I am a regular reader of EW and was glancing through the Pictorial Essay (EW January) section of your magazine.
Congratulations for organising the EW Early Childhood Education Conference. Preschool and early childhood educators need all encouragement and support to nurture children in the vitally important foundational years.
Ayesha Omar

Dravid interview
It was a pleasant surprise to see a cricketing legend like Rahul Dravid being featured in a wholly education magazine on a highly impressive second cover (EW January). Dravid’s interview was informative and insightful, beaming a strong spotlight on the importance of children playing sports for fun and enjoyment.
Sivakumar Selva

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