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Information gold mines
Heartiest congratulations to EducationWorld for publishing the mammoth Part I and Part II volumes of the EW India School Rankings 2023-24. Both issues are gold mines of information for aspirational parents.
In particular, it was a pleasant surprise to see the non-profit Future Hope School, Kolkata — located in my neighbourhood — ranked among India’s Top 10 Philanthropic Schools (EW October). The school is doing a great job and their high rank is testimony to their hard work. Needless to say, Bengal needs many more Future Hope schools.
Kudos once again!
Piyush Chakraborty

Errant misclassification
Thank you for the honour conferred on Vidya Vihar Residential School, Purnea, ranked Bihar’s #2 co-ed boarding school in the recently published EW India School Rankings 2023-24 (EW October).
However I would like to draw your attention to Usha Martin World School, ranked #1. This school is essentially a day school with limited hostel facilities. While we understand the importance of accurate and fair rankings and believe that wrong categorisation may have influenced your sample respondents, we request you to correct this classification and revise the rankings accordingly.
Rahul Shandilya
Vidya Vihar Residential School

We regret this misclassification. Please note we will reclassify Usha Martin World School as a day-cum-boarding next year — Editor

Methodology questions
I have seen on many social media handles and websites, several schools claiming they are ranked #1, #2 or #3 in the EducationWorld India School Rankings 2023-24.
As a parent I wish to know whether you really conduct any prior audits or surveys before awarding the rankings? How do you ascertain the rankings and what rubrics do you use to rank a school?
Sirsendu Chakraborty on Email

The EW India School Rankings are based on the opinion of informed 18,928 parents, educators, teachers and senior school students polled by the Delhi-based Centre for Forecasting & Research (C fore). Please see page 40 of the September issue for complete details — Editor

Light, please
Prabhat Kids School, Akola is a CBSE-affiliated school established two decades ago. This year we have been ranked #6 in Akola, #146 in Maharashtra & #342 nationally. Can you kindly shed some light on the assessment/evaluation of our school and the reasons for awarding us a disappointing 888 out of 1500.
Abhijeet Joshi
Prabhat Kids School, Akola

See editor’s response above
Far superior
In your latest EW India School Rankings 2023-24 issue (EW September), I was disappointed to see DPS, Visakhapatnam being ranked #1 and DPS, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant #2. In this connection I would like to bring to your notice that DPS, Visakhapatnam is so poorly maintained that the reputed DPS Society de-affiliated it in 2019. This can be verified on
While the DPS Society recognises the school as DPS, Anandpuram, the school continues to be known as DPS, Visakhapatnam. Moreover the school (estb. 2014) does not have a principal, and their board exam results are inferior to our school. In comparison, DPS, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant is the oldest DPS in South India, with far superior infrastructure, proven board results etc. Please rectify.
Samir Kumar Pandey
DPS, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant

Exclusion plea
We recently became aware that our school has been included in your annual school rankings even though we had not been contacted by your organisation, nor have we participated in any survey or evaluation related to this ranking.
In light of this situation, we request that you exclude Trio World Academy or Trio World School from your international day school rankings for the current year and any subsequent years. We believe it is essential for rankings to accurately reflect the participation and consent of the schools involved.
Bishwajeet Bhattacharya
Executive Director, Trio World School, Bengaluru

See response above for rankings methodology. Secondly since TWS provides a public service, ‘participation’ is not optional — Editor

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