Making lasting memories

PW invited parents of N.L. Dalmia High School, Thane, Mumbai to share ways to create enjoyable memories with their children despite busy work schedules

“When they grow up our children won’t remember what we bought for them but the good times we spent with them. Therefore despite the pressure of running private tutorials business, I make the extra effort to cut down weekend classes on so I can spend quality time with my children Aamir (class X), and Kabir (class IV). The dinner table is our favourite hangout for engaging in no-holds-barred conversations. I appreciate Aamir and Kabir helping out with simple chores such as laying the table, washing dishes, and watering indoor plants. Carom, cards and pizza weekends are routine. Summer is for family outings to cooler climes or heading to the nearest swimming pool.” — Shirin Shaikh, private tuition teacher 

“My childhood is a treasure-house of memories and I expect my son Medhansh (class V) to treasure his own as well. Given the rigour of school education and examinations, we decided to let him off the hook during weekends to do as he pleases. Weekends are his ‘me’ time. We also go on long drives and indulge in pizza and ice cream eating binges. On rainy days when we are stuck indoors, we leaf through old photo albums and discuss family history to familiarise Medhansh with his relatives and ancestors. We plan at least two long annual vacations and capture their precious moments in our family album.” — Sujatha Ramachandran Iyer, homemaker

“I believe family activities can create fond memories for the future. On weekdays, our family time begins at 7 pm for two hours until dinner is over. Listening to stories is a favourite activity of my children Mihika (10) and Anaya (2) so I become a storyteller. I also encourage them to engage in clay modeling and painting and help them if required. We all look forward to weekends for club activities like swimming, badminton or eating out. We celebrate our children’s achievements, however small, with applause, a hug or an ice cream. Birthdays and festivals are also very special as they bring us together to engage in group activities.” — Tina Khadloya,  principal — healthcare consulting, IQVIA India

“Reading a book with a loved one is one of my best childhood memories and I believe my daughter Tanisha (class IV) who has a sizeable library collection, loves it as much as I did. Moreover, we devote an hour daily for assisted outdoor games such as badminton, skating and cycling in the evenings after school hours. Tanisha is a nature and adventure enthusiast, so we plan holidays close to nature with an adventure element in them as we believe they provide wonderful learning experiences.” — Foram Chintan Mehta, homemaker

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