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Maple Bear Early Learning Centre, Ansal Plaza, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon is part of the Maple Bear Canadian chain of preschools which is a joint venture between Maple Bear Global Schools Ltd, Canada and Modi Edutech (Modi group). Maple Bear Early Learning Centres follow the Maple Bear Education System designed by Canadian experts with the purpose of bringing Canadian learning system to children around the world and offer the very best in early childhood education.

The Maple Bear mission is to deliver a student-focused learning system in a safe, secure and stimulating environment that prepares students for success at the post secondary level and that instills a passion for life-long learning.


The preschool campus hosts spacious air-conditioned classrooms that are equipped with mini libraries, student friendly desk and chairs, math and science centres, toy station, a large play area with see saw, slides, swings, jungle gym, sand and water play.


Maple Bear Early Learning Centre offers the following subjects under its curriculum:


Children are encouraged to learn about patterns in the environment, number concepts, comparisons, sets, basic formal operations of adding and subtracting, 3-D objects, simple graphs and basic measurement.

Science and Technology

Children’s curiosity about the natural world is leveraged in acquiring knowledge of characteristics in common materials, identify cycles in nature using techniques of observation and use the computer in all aspects of their studies.


Children familiarise themselves with colour, shape and use media to express their ideas, they are also exposed to music, art, drama and dance.

Physical Skills and Well Being

This programme helps develop skills such as balance and flexibility in children and makes them aware of health and safety rules, an understanding of sharing, taking turns, cooperation and socially acceptable behaviour.

Personal and social awareness

Children are encouraged to share, pay attention, respect others and appreciate individual talents and functions in our society.

General Information

Admission Age
1 Year And 8 Months
Teacher Student Ratio


Please refer the given link to submit online application forms.


According to the preschool, the Maple Bear™ early childhood programme features a variety of learning spaces for independent and small or large group activities. As children need to be active, there is a range of learning areas or centres to provide for the different needs and interests of the children which include library corner, sand and water centre, calender, free play centre and many more.



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