Chemistry professors make meth

Inspired by Breaking Bad, chemistry professors arrested for making meth

November 18, 2019

Two Arkansas-based chemistry professors were arrested on charges of making methamphetamine on college campus. The case draws resemblance to Walter White from the hit TV series Breaking Bad, where the protagonist Walter White played by Bryan Cranston, after being detected with cancer, manipulates one of his ex-students, into helping him manufacture and deal meth. 

According to the Clark County sheriff’s office, the professors from Henderson State University – Terry David Bateman and Bradley Allen Rowland were arrested on Friday on charges of manufacturing methamphetamine and using drug paraphernalia. ere allegedly making methamphetamine. One of them was even known as the school’s “Heisenberg,” as is Walter White’s dealer alias taken from the German physicist Werner Heisenberg.

A spokeswoman for the Arkadelphia-based school, Tina Hall said that the accused were on administrative leave since October 11. She also added that three days earlier, police investigated a report of a chemical odor in the campus science center. The building reopened October 29 after a company filtered the air.

Source: AP

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