Moms’ n Dads

Here’s an enjoyable game that the whole family can play.
Write down a bunch of questions on separate strips of paper. For example:

  • Which is the best family holiday you remember? Why was it memorable?
  • Who is your favourite family member and why?
  • What was the funniest family incident you experienced?
  • What’s the punishment you hate the most?
  • Your questions could be innovative, wacky, funny or serious.

Roll up the strips of paper and drop them into a box. Take turns and pick them up from the box. Let each family member answer the question. Allow plenty of time for comments and leg-pulling before picking up the next chit of paper.

Label the box, ALL ABOUT US and keep it handy for use during a holiday, a long drive, picnic or rainy day!

Puzzle Box

Find 12 jigsaw pieces in the picture below.


Book Mark

Little Women

Louisa May Alcott’s enduring classic takes us into the life of a family that experiences its fair share of excitement, problems and joys. Get a taste of life of the March family, with all its fun and heartaches. Publisher: D.K. Publishing

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