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Here’s how to make a special Puzzle Box for your family.

• Decorate a cardboard box.
• Cut out a Sudoku, Cross-word, Unscramble and other puzzles from a newspaper.
• Stick each one on a piece of card.
• At the back of each card, stick a sweet, a small bar of chocolate, or any other small prize.
• Make a number of Puzzle Cards and drop them in.
• Close the box, and make a ‘door’ on the top of the box.
• When anyone in the family is bored, they can pick out a puzzle.
• If they solve it, they can claim the prize stuck at the back. If they can’t, they have to give it to another member of the family.
• Invite friends and visitors to join in!

Puzzle Box

Pick up the six letters in shades of blue and write them below.


How many words can you make from them?
There are atleast 22 simple ones.
(For answers, turn the page upside down.)

Answer: Art, at, mat, mart, mark, mare, market, make, mar, ram, rat, rake, mate, tame, tear, team, tea, ate, eat, rate, ream, meat.

Book Mark

The Great Book of Puzzles and Teasers
If you love mental gymnastics, this book is for you! George J. Summers gives you brainteasers that challenge your reasoning powers.
The book provides answers with reasoning too in case you are stumped!
Publisher: Jaico (1989)

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