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The home is a great place to develop children’s public speaking skills. You never know whether you have a motivational speaker or a joker in your family until you encourage everyone to speak up.

• Plan a weekly time when all members of the family get to stand before an audience (the family) and talk about anything they would like to share.
• Encourage children to recite poems, crack jokes, narrate stories and speak about topical political, economic and social issues.
• The audience can give constructive feedback and suggestions relating to improvement in body language, presentation skills and diction.

Formal addresses en famille help children to boost confidence, overcome stage fright and learn public speaking.

Book Mark

How to Win Friends and Influence People (1936)

This perpetual bestseller written by American author Dale Carnegie tells you how you can overcome hesitation and shyness and make new friends. It tells you how to make a good impression on strangers and influence their decisions.

This evergreen manual is full of interesting insights about forming and building interpersonal relationships. It can change the way you interact with people, and help you develop confidence and interest in people around you. Read it!

Puzzle Box

Take a big lump of clay and make any shape out of it. Then sit down and list at least 10 descriptions of what the shape represents or write a story/anecdote about it. You will be surprised by your own creativity.

Solve the maze below. There are several ways to reach the end arrow. See if you can spot one or more of them.

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