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About the Product: is India’s fastest growing and most widely used Online School Management System. It is one of the most trusted choices of school administrators across India and in African countries.  It is administrative software for schools that automates the entire process of running their institution. It offers an interactive, real-time medium to execute the functions of the institution. Be it a small school, college with thousands of students, university or a group of institutions located in multiple cities, MyClassboard has the capability of conveniently managing all operations.

It integrates all the processes, departments, and functions of an institution by consolidating information on a central server, making the functioning more organized and streamlined, thus ensuring an increase in efficiency due to enhanced productivity. Leveraging the power of cloud computing, MyClassboard gives institutions access to all the data of their institution at anytime, anyplace. A powerful reporting and analysis feature coupled with a communication suite that is integrated throughout the tool supports everyday functions.

Unique Features: does not require hardware or software for installation. The institution has no capital expenditure. It has personalized online login ids to all students, teachers and parents.

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