National Maritime Day 2019

April 5, 2019

India is celebrating National Maritime Day today with the theme this year being “Indian Ocean – An Ocean of opportunity”. India has a beautiful coastline with an amazing maritime history dating back to the third millennium BCE. On this occasion, we bring to you some interesting facts about the Indian maritime.

  • First observed on April 5, 1964, the National Maritime Day aims to spread awareness in supporting safe and environmentally sound commerce between the continents across the world.
  • In 1919, SS Loyalty – the first ship of The Scindia Steam Navigation Company Ltd. – created history by voyaging to the United Kingdom. This was a milestone in India’s maritime history since the sea routes were controlled by the Britishers back then.
  • According to experts, the history of Indian maritime dates back to the third millennium BCE when the Indus Valley inhabitants initiated trading contact with the Mesopotamia.
  • Since the last century, India has been keenly focused on the Indian Ocean and the security changes along its maritime boundaries.
  • According to experts, the port sector in India is being driven by high growth in external trade.
  • India has a long coastline of about 7, 517 km with more than 200 ports. Hence there are great opportunities in the ports sector.
  • The non-major ports of India are witnessing tremendous growth and special economic zones are being developed in close proximity of these zones.
  • An award titled Varuna is conferred to people who have made outstanding contribution to the Indian maritime sector on this day.
  • The World Maritime Day (WMD) is celebrated on the September 26 every year to highlight the importance of shipping, maritime security and environment.
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