New Year family activities

PW invited parents of the top-ranked Sai International School, Bhubaneswar to share new family activities or habits they started in the New Year

“As parents, we often advise our daughter — Abhijita (class III) — to make smart choices and adopt healthy lifestyles without having much to show for ourselves. But after the Covid-19 outbreak in 2020, we have resolved to follow some rules to lead a healthy and happy 2021. Our family’s regimen now includes daily yoga and free hand exercises, compulsory weekend outings, nutritious homemade meals and a big No to soda and aerated drinks. On weekends, we even shake a leg or two guided by our danseuse daughter.”
— Abhishek Panda, software engineer, Infosys

“2020 was a year of external disruption and internal exploration with all of us having morphed into more responsible and grateful human beings. When 2021 arrived, we made it our New Year resolution to turn off the TV during meal times. Engaging in informal chats with our daughter Pratichi (11) easily beats the passive consumption of content streamed on television. There is another upside. We have become more mindful of the wholesome homemade food we eat and how much we eat.”— Saswati Satpathy, early reading specialist, Sai Kids Phonics, Bhubaneswar

“Cycling on weekends is an interesting and new addition to our family activities in the New Year. My family including my daughters — Poorna (class IX) and Poorva (class VI) — have never been fond of any kind of physical activity till now. This weekend family activity is very enjoyable and is keeping our family super active as well. Given our family’s deep interest in mythology, another activity our family loves engaging in is sharing anecdotes and shlokas from the Puranas and other epics.” — Dr. Smita Mahapatra, associate professor, SCB Government Medical College, Cuttack

“Although 2020 is blacklisted by most because of the deadly Coronavirus pandemic, we will remember the year for giving us the opportunity to strengthen our bonds with our daughter Sarvani (13). By spending quality time with her, we became deeply aware of her creative interests and encouraged her by engaging in family activities. This year all of us have become experimental bakers. Sometimes we are overjoyed and other times we laugh at our results. Yoga together is also a new addition to our daily activities list, the immediate result of which can be seen in a positive home environment.” — Shipra Sahoo, homemaker

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