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NGO Vidya Webinar

NGO VIDYA hosts ‘A Fireside Chat’ with Narayan Murthy

June 15, 2020

A special episode of webinar series being conducted by the NGO VIDYA featured ‘A Fireside Chat’ with Narayana Murthy, founder-chairman, Infosys, Professor Ashok Misra (former director, IIT Mumbai) and the children from the NGO on ‘Building a successful and respected India’ on June 13. The aim of the webinar, by the NGO VIDYA (Vidya Integrated Development for Youth and Adults) that works towards education for underprivileged children, was to inspire thoughts; discuss successful models, culture and compassions and how to enrich learning experience.

During the special webinar, Murthy spoke about how online classes have been allowing people to give and receive education at their comfort during the lockdown induced by the coronavirus pandemic and how one should be open to new ideas, learn to unlearn and overcome limitations to solve an issue. He also emphasised on applying science to our everyday lives, the value of social studies, significance of English and regional languages and importance of hard work, honesty and discipline. He also spoke about how parents and teachers play an important role in the transformation of India. It was interesting to learn about his childhood as well. He spoke about how his father asked him to maintain a time table that taught him discipline and how his mother’s insistence on inviting and sharing a meal with an underprivileged child every week taught him to be compassionate. He shared his belief on how change can be challenging as it brings in many uncertainties and insecurities but confidence and hope can help eradicate the fear.  

Appreciating the efforts of NGO VIDYA, he stressed on the importance of encouraging teachers so that they can become role models for their students and inculcate leadership values among them. He concluded with the message that children should dream big to take the country to the next level and build a successful and respected India. 

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