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Nurture science lovers

Thanks for your very relevant cover story ‘Help your children to love science’ (PW May).

As a college physics teacher and father of two teenage daughters, I am deeply aware of the perfunctory science education being taught in schools. Many of my undergraduate students lack basic understanding of scientific concepts and their application skills are very poor. Unfortunately, our rote learning system has put many children off science.

I agree with you that parents have to take the lead in helping children love science. Study of science helps children develop problem-solving, logical reasoning, deduction and research skills. It also teaches them to be patient and persevere when experiments don’t produce desired results, and most importantly, teaches them to separate fact from fiction. A great way of getting children interested in science is gifting them science kits. It encourages them to follow instructions and learn by doing.

Ram Subramaniam

Involve children in real science projects

Your May cover story gave some very useful tips on how parents can engage children with science (PW May). Especially the box on child citizen scientists was very interesting. Involving children in real world science projects is a great way of instilling the scientific temper and passion for exploratory learning in them.

It’s estimated that 75 percent of jobs in the 21st century will require science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills. Therefore starting young children on the path of experiential science learning is advisable. It will equip them for STEM careers.

Ram Mathur


Excellent Kidzone

Thanks for introducing the Kidzone section. The activities suggested are creative and enjoyable.

My daughter loved making the friendship potpourri jar and solving the puzzle. You’ve done a good job to include a section for children as the magazine can now be read by children as well. Maybe you should have a section for grandparents too!

Shraddha Kamal


Cooking with children invaluable

Thank you for the ‘Cooking with children’ story (PW May). I have often been asked why I cook with my children as they make a mess of the kitchen. But I strongly believe that cooking is an essential life skill which will stand them in good stead in adult life. Moreover it helps them develop liking for fresh, homemade food. The trend among most young people who live alone is to either order out or consume processed foods.

By teaching children basic culinary skills you are giving them an invaluable gift which will contribute to their long-term health and happiness.

Gita Hari


Practical recommendations please

I’m a single parent and read your magazine regularly. Though the content is interesting, I find many of the child activity suggestions given in the Activity Zone very difficult to implement for a single parent. I have a full-time job and live with my eight-year-old daughter. Just managing the daily routine of getting her ready for school and arranging the commute for after-school activities is a challenge. So spending time on leisurely activities is a faraway dream.

I believe you need to include practical suggestions on how parents can help children adjust to difficult school-tuition routines, living without grandparents, managing school work, fight bullying, etc.

Manisha Mathur


Informative & relevant

Kudos to the ParentsWorld editorial team for publishing an informative and relevant parenting magazine.

I especially enjoy reading the Health & Nutrition essay written by Dr. Gita Mathai. In this Google age, when it’s normative for parents to search the Internet for child nutrition and medical advice — which is not always reliable — Dr. Mathai’s learned advice drawn from many years of experience as a paediatrician, is invaluable.

Samina Khan

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