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Nurturing committed children

PW invited parents of Lodha World School, LSG Palava to share their insights on how they teach their children the value of commitment

Orion 2“I believe respect for commitment and hard work should be part of the daily lexicon of all parents for a child’s healthy emotional development. I adopted this strategy early in motherhood starting with small commitments such as setting up the dinner table or tidying up the bed after waking up in the morning, and gradually increased the difficulty level of my daughters Oindrila (class VIII) and Orion (class VII) as they became more aware and confident. I never fail to acknowledge that they’ve done a great job when they fulfill their commitments. This helps them build their self-esteem” — Sinchita Mukherjee, cyber security consultant, Accenture

Riyansh 2“Commitment is a big word to digest for my son Riyansh (class IV) Therefore, I use the word “pakka promise” with him. As parents, we teach our children so many things directly and indirectly. Our behaviour and attitude matter a lot as they learn. Children learn by watching parents walk their talk. For instance, my son has indirectly learnt to keep his toys in their proper place every time he finishes playing with them, pack his school bag the night prior to school, complete his homework and simply perform his daily chores on his own without being reminded. If that isn’t commitment what is?” — Sapna Dhool, homemaker

Aishani“For my daughter Aishani (class VI), I normally assign mini tasks which I ensure get converted into goals by discussing and sharing effective feedback with her. This strategy helps her to fulfil her commitment towards completing her tasks within the stipulated time period. I believe rigorous practice of time-bound activities help children to understand the value of time management and commitment” — Suprity Chakraborty, teacher, Lodha World School

Solanki family pic 1“Teaching our children Kundanika (class VI) and Raghavendrasinh (class II) commitment involves setting up clear goals for them, when playing puzzle games or drawing & colouring or reading their favourite book and assisting with household chores. As parents, we encourage them to take responsibility for their daily chores, guide them wherever required, and celebrate their every achievement. We firmly believe that fulfilling small tasks will develop their commitment towards all tasks and boost their confidence to tackle bigger goals in future life” — Priyashubhangini Solanki, homemaker

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