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Oakridgers’ multi-utility furniture model wins Bangalore Design Championship

October 8, 2018

Renee and Tanmay – Grade 4 students of Bangalore based Oakridge International School – created an industrial design model, called BEDSI that won the first prize in the recently hosted Bangalore Design Championship under Industrial Design category. The event was conducted by Mindbox in association with NASSCOM gaming forum. BEDSI can be used as a bed, sofa, and table and can also be easily stowed away overhead, thereby offering an affordable and space saving solution for small space homes in urban cities.

1 in 3 Indians live in homes less than size of a US prison and almost 32 percent of the urban homes are less than 253 square feet or less. Growing urban population and reducing land spaces are leading to our homes getting smaller and smaller each year. According to the NSSO (National Sample Survey Office), 33 percent of Indians live in houses of area less than 580 square feet. More than 60 percent space in the house gets occupied by furniture alone, leaving very limited space for movement.

Renee and Tanmay decided to address this growing urban challenge. They were looking at creating a design that could be used for multiple household purposes, light weight and also can be easily stored away. After multiple rounds of brainstorming and observing other models, they came up with BEDSI, a simple cost-effective design with multiple functionalities. The unique designing of the structure, allows the user to use it as a dining table or as a bed. The light plywood material used reduces its weight, thereby making it easy to move from one place to another within the house. And the best part, the unique pulley based system allows for easy storage, thereby creating more free space when the structure is not being used.

Renee and Tanmay always wanted to keep their model affordable and designed it keeping this in mind. Their model is expected to cost around Rs. 2881.

One of the best international schools in Bangalore, Oakridge International School offers world-class IB programmes across grades.

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