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EducationWorld March 2020 | Spotlight Feature

Introducing ‘Dynamind’ which uses Artificial Intelligence

What is Dynamind?

It is a Universal e-Teacher and e-Trainer for distance education using AI (artificial intelligence) and the internet. It is 100% interactive and does one-to-one mentoring for each learner in any location on this planet.

What is special about this IT Product called Dynamind? Give some highlights in simple terms.

  • Every teacher has only one style of teaching, his/her style. But every learner has her distinctive style of learning. This leads to unequal learning in every classroom. Dynamind does one-to-one mentoring by literally giving ‘one artificial teacher’ to each learner. Due to this dedicated and focused e-teaching, each learner understands the concepts much better based on his/her strengths and weakness. It is akin to ‘private tuition’.
  • Dynamind is open 24X7, 365 days per year.
  • It can reach anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection.

Can you please elaborate on Dynamind?

Dynamind – is an artificial intelligence enabled, mobile and computer-based intelligent software engine which provides real-time feedback, after every class. Systematic use of Dynamind’s intelligent engine corrects doubts and lapses. It creates an efficient and resource optimum learning system, designed to help students and coaches alike. Dynamind enables teaching and anytime, and anywhere feedback. Its strength is to work on the individual weaknesses of each child by providing personalized learning through lectures, good internet references, targeted solved examples, targeted practice, and direct access to the mentor etc.

How does Dynamind work?

Dynamind focuses daily and 24×7 on consolidating the strengths and removing the weaknesses of learners in a systematic manner. The biggest issue children face is the low attention and forgetting. This is tackled by series of daily personalized steps designed especially for every child by the AI of Dynamind. This includes but not limited to ….

  • Targeted lecture on the weak areas
  • Counseling on how to get better marks
  • Daily targeted questions to improve concentration and memory 

Does Dynamind create any additional load on a school system?

No. It actually supplements school teaching without disturbing usual teaching.

Can you please elaborate on how Dynamind supplements school teaching?

Dynamind follows school syllabuses and daily reinforces what is taught in the school through PERSONALISED feedback and remedial education. This way the conceptual understanding and the school marks automatically improve. Also learners are not burdened with a parallel teaching track which usual tuition normally does.

What benefits do children get?

Getting real-time help by artificial intelligence enabled Dynamind lectures, good internet references, targeted solved examples, targeted practice, direct access to the mentor, real-time performance feedback with remedial reports, 24×7 help by the DCM, school integrated tuition thus no extra parallel teaching burden, More time for extra-curricular activities and overall development and constant motivation and guidance to get better conceptual understanding and marks.

What is Dynamind Certified Mentor (DCM)?

We train the teachers on Dynamind and certify all those who meet our strict quality standard. DCM ensures that the Dynamind is followed daily by a child.

Let us accept that the conceptual understanding has a huge impact on the development of a child and the future prospects. Poor concepts generally not only result in poor marks, thereby creating loss of confidence and motivation, but also generally such students struggle to get a proper career in future. We don’t want a child to fall in this trap. Dynamind enabled DCM tutoring is like an insurance for the future of a child. It ensures a child gets good understanding of concept and good marks in school and thus lays a great foundation for the future.

Where and how is Dynamind working in India at present?

Presently we are offering PCMB from classes 5th to 12th and for coaching of IITJEE, AIEEE, NEET & CET.

How expensive is Dynamind?

In fact presently our offerings cost less than 10% of existing commercial classes.

Anything extra special about Dynamind?

  • Yes. Dynamind can handle any subject in any of the 11 Indian languages or any of the 54 Foreign languages supported by our system.
  • With Dynamind we can e-Teach, all types of subjects anywhere in India, (even worldwide; wherever there is access to Internet) 24X7; such as Commerce Courses, Law Courses, Science Courses, Agriculture Courses, Rural Development Courses, Finance Courses, Swachh Bharat Courses, Ayurveda Courses, Medical Courses, Engineering Courses, Management Courses, Vocational Courses, Adult & Life-Long Courses, etc.
  • Dynamind is designed for Capacity Building. We could handle millions of learners at any given time.

Who are the key people behind this Indian IT Product?

Krishan Khanna (B. Tech from IIT-Kharagpur) is the Chairman & Mentor and Atul Nigam (B. Tech from IIT-Kanpur) is the CEO & Founder.

What is the Future hold for such developments?

In the year 2000, the UN started a 100 year project titled ‘The Millennium Project’ This Project will end in the year 2100. It is to study what will happen to our Planet in this century? As per their annual report of ‘2007-State of the Future’ conventional class room teaching will undergo a complete change by 2030. Dynamind is on the right track!

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