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Online music education a promising stream of new business vertical

June 1, 2020

Mumbai-based Furtados School of Music (FSM) (estd.2011) that has been imparting online music education to over 75,000 students through their partnership with 143 schools and 15 after-school centres of excellence across the country.  FSM’s experienced faculty of musicians from India and abroad impart training for the institute’s uniquely designed curriculum for instruments like piano, electronic keyboard, guitar, drums and violin etc. as well as study of western and Hindustani music (vocals). Tanuja Gomes, co-founder and CEO talks about how the closure of schools in the wake of the nationwide lockdown due to COVID-19 has led to increased interest in digital music education.

What was the impact of the lockdown on FSM’s music education? 

Fortunately, we were already working towards launching our online proposition since last quarter 2019. Also our entire leadership team was used to platforms such as zoom, as all our review discussions were being conducted online. That said, in the last week of March we invested all our resources in training our teachers, in order to ensure we deliver good quality music learning experience.

While the lockdown saw many schools switching to digital lessons to complete their academic curriculums, 76 of our partner schools continued providing music education to students through our online music classes.

Has there been an increase in the number of people learning music during the lock down?

Yes, we have experienced an overwhelming number of new students reaching out to us in the last six weeks alone to learn music online. Music plays a major role in mental health, by keeping the child busy and creative. This is probably why many more schools, apart from our partner schools have signed up for our online music classes to reduce the student’s stress during the lockdown. In the last eight weeks, we have had over 20,000 students learning online music with us and we have enrolled about 1000 new students interested in taking smaller group and solo lessons. Our virtual classes offer lessons in vocals, piano, guitar, percussion instruments, music theory and even music production.

Do you foresee a long-term impact of COVID-19 on music education as we know it?

Being involved in music – be it online or offline, is very important, now especially. The online proposition allows a student to avail classes with any talented teacher at mutual convenience. Earlier parents as well as teachers had some inhibitions about online music but given the change in recent circumstances, both parents as well as teachers are now getting familiar with the platform and appreciating the positive outcomes. Therefore I believe online music education will prove beneficial over the long-term, helping us add a promising stream of new business vertical.

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Dipta Joshi

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