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Parikrma Humanity Foundation is a non-profit organization that strives to transform education for the underprivileged children so that they can have equal access to the best opportunities. At Parikrma, the growing gap between the haves and have-nots in urban India is addressed. The organisation gives hope to the children of those migrants who come to the city, looking for employment and end up in slums. The free Government- education is in a state of despair with dropout rates increasing and attendance at schools decreasing. Teachers are poorly trained and teaching methods are out-dated. Parikrma wishes to influence a change in the entire system and provide children from the poorest slums an opportunity to get access to the best jobs on equal terms through quality education. The Parikrma vision is to create a sustainable model, a clear way for under-served children to transform their lives through top-class education and in the process be a catalyst for effecting fundamental change in the way we educate our poor and the marginalized. At Parikrma children receive an ICSE, English education, mid-day meal, healthcare and family care. Parikrma not only takes care of the education of a child from school to college but also provides scholarships and other options to children to go to professional and vocational colleges thus helping them get a job later on.



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What can you do to help? While the core of the programs are delivered through full time employees of Parikrma, there is ample opportunity to volunteer your time in specific projects that will aid teachers in school as well as provide support to the administrative staff in office. The organisation depends on volunteers to provide the Parikrma children exposure to the world. Since the organisation began in 2003, Parikrma has seen over 100 international volunteers from all over the globe and over 200 volunteers from Bangalore. The volunteers have been aspiring students themselves. To volunteer one can write to this address: [email protected]



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