Plan a birthday party that stands out

Bored with humdrum birthday parties? Do something different, and give your childs friends a surprise, while giving them something to think about.


Choose a particular type which your child loves, and pick a related ‘theme of the day. Instead of the usual mix of snacks, you could offer a good assortment of fruits, served with fresh fruit juices. Or you could serve sandwiches of different types — fruit, mint, and chicken.

Choosing your theme

If you decide to serve a range of pastas, your theme could be Italy. You can devise a collage, with prints from attractive pictures of Italy available on the net. If you cant get large print-outs, get a good selection of A4 size prints, and make a pattern on the wall with all of them. Describe interesting facts about Italy, together with a good photograph on a card or poster to give as a return gift.

For a ‘Cupcake Birthday, you could try different flavours and fillings. Offer a variety of toppings like coloured cream, strawberry sauce, candy, choco chips, cherries, etc. Your invitation card could be in the shape of a cupcake — just get a pastel-coloured card, add some text and print it out before writing in the personal details.

A hobby party

You could let everyone try a hobby together by having a ‘hobbies party. You can rope in a dance instructor to teach everyone a simple, enjoyable dance. Or, you could have a ‘paper craft party, where you provide ready-to-use materials and ideas for everyone. Theyll love to take their creations home.

A no-cook ‘cooking party could be fun as well. Kids can have fun making designs with biscuits, bits of cheese, vegetables and ketchup. Or each one could be given a cone with cake icing to decorate their own cupcakes. This might be a bit messy, but will work well if the number of children is small.

Therefore start thinking and celebrate a memorable, fun-filled birthday!

– Cynthia John

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